Baby Showers

It is the tradition in many places to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new little person and we’re delighted to now be part of it! In Ireland, the idea of a baby shower is still quite a novelty and people are still a bit unsure of how to mark this special time with the (soon-to-be) new mamma-we think we have the solution (for those living in the West Cork area anyway).

Our Baby Shower Craft Sessions are a really nice way to spend time with each other and to create something as a gift for the baby and as a momento of this special time. Lisa from Little Green Dot will run a session with the group of chosen family and friends and the central lady. She will demonstrate how to make a chosen craft project, provide all the materials and tools needed and be there to ensure things go to plan. There are three craft options available; baby bunting, play blocks or a mobile. We are always open to other ideas so let us know if you have something in mind. These projects are suitable for all skill levels and no special expertise are needed. The finished piece will be kept and cherished and the session will be such a nice memory of this special time.

We have teamed up with Molly’s Cafe and Wine Bar in Clonakilty and our sessions will take place in these very relaxing and chic surroundings. We have packages available with afternoon tea or a tapas lunch (and a complimentary bottle of non-alcoholic bubbles for the occasion).

The star mamma will also get a Little Green Dot gift box-just a little good luck gift from us 🙂

Please send us an email or call us on 087 1302307 if you are interested in learning more about our relaxed, fun and crafty Baby Shower Sessions.