Putting the Green in the Dot

We make toys and gifts that people can feel good about. You can rest easy with the knowledge that we at Little Green Dot try to act ethically in all our work. Our gifts do not cost the earth and are fair to the people that make them. 

Here’s a few things we do to try and practise what we preach.  nnn



Our ‘Eco-cool’ approach

The fabrics used in our organic ‘eco-cool’ collection were thoughtfully  chosen with baby in mind (soft and breathable with fun, child-friendly prints). It was also important to us that the materials and techniques used are as sustainable as possible (organic cotton, low impact dyes, ‘green’ packaging). Care is taken to ensure that the people that make the materials and gift itself are treated fairly. We use only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabrics in these gifts and thus ensure that all these materials are from a socially and environmentally responsible source. We are very proud of this ethical focus at Little Green Dot and hope that our customers (especially the littlest ones) enjoy being ’eco-cool’.

New for 2018

For 2018, we really wanted to make more of an effort to reduce our use of plastic and use more planet friendly and people-friendly materials. With this in mind, our baby wraps are now made with only GOTS certified organic fabrics. Its a move that we’re very happy with and hopefully makes people feel even better about their Little Green Dot purchase.




Our Carbon Footprint

As part of our continuing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practises, we have begun the process of measuring the carbon foortprint of our products. The baby blanket and pixie hat have been measured by the very good people at Practical Sustainability so we have more of an idea of our impact and what we can do to improve. Find out more about them and the important work they do at www.practicalsustainabilty.eu.






Concerns about large-scale toy production

 Toys have been commercially produced since the 17th century in Europe(1) and this has evolved to the multibillion euro industry that it is today. 70% of the toys produced worldwide are now made in China and the far east(2). This brings up a whole range of issues in relation to the safety of materials used; labour conditions in toy factories; environmental concerns about the production process, packaging, use of plastic etc; the heavy marketing of toys at children and so on. Many of these issues also relate to the commercial production of baby blankets and other child focused gifts. 

The Ethics at Little Green Dot

 Little Green Dot aims to allay many of these concerns by making our toys in Ireland in the traditional way; by hand by a skilled craftsperson, using only quality approved materials, safety testing the finished product (click here for more information) and using only eco-friendly packaging (click here to learn more). Children and babies must use these toys in imaginative play without the aid of flashing lights or a heavily marketed ad campaign. One can also be sure that our blankets and other gifts for the very newest little people are safe, good quality and something that is hand crafted to be kept and cherished for years to come. 




(2) www.ethicalcomsumer.org