Toy safety & the CE mark

All of Little Green Dot’s toys carry the CE mark. This means that you can be sure that each toy is safe for your little person and you don’t need to worry. We also use the same top quality materials in our blankets so you can be sure that they’re safe too!

So what is this mark and how do you get it?

Each toy sold in the EU should carry the CE symbol (under EU toy safety directive 2009/48/EC). This means that a toy has to fulfill 3 different criteria (EN71 parts 1,2 and 3). This sounds very complicated but bear with us.

CE testing Little Green Dot 4

EN71-1 The seams and parts of the toy are tested to make sure they will not fall apart or be swallowed. This mean that we had to inflict medieval-esque torture on our poor little toys, pull on their seams, twist arms, poke eyes etc. Luckily it was worth it for the pass.

CE testing Little Green Dot

EN71-2 This section is about flammability. The poor little test-toys were burnt up just to see how fast it would happen. If this is too fast, its a fail.

EN71-3 This part looks at the materials used and ensures that they are safe for little people. This part is what gives small toy makers the biggest headaches. Fabrics and materials used must be tested for the presence of certain chemicals/metals and its a fail if over certain limits. Thanks to an extremely helpful group on facebook, a group of us have clubbed together to test materials and this has been unbelievable useful. We are very happy to say that all our materials are now certified to the 2013 standard (EN71-3 2013).

CE testing Little Green Dot2

So its a lot of work then?

We have self-certified the CE mark on Little Green Dot’s toys and it has been extremely time consuming and hair-pullingly frustrating. In addition to the above, a technical file must be kept on each toy with design plans, material lists, construction methods, test info etc. If not for the support of the facebook group (can’t thank them enough) and the technical and muscle help of himself, it would not have happened. But, it is worth it. Now that we know what to do, an endless future of toy making awaits Little Green Dot and hopefully more opportunities for you to buy quality, CE marked, handmade in Ireland toys!